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Flooders Tenthouse


AuthorFlooders Tenthouse
Not as good as lethargise. ;)
Entangling ability (One of the best abilities IMO) :)
Yes yes, can turn Lizard Gods/Bear Riders/Fiends useless totally, since they need to move.

lethargise. ;)
God, I've made stacks of 60 Bears Sleep in first turn of Group Battle and won the game just because of that, and the Hype is huge... XD
Its like Blind Version 2.0, Lol.
Too Luck/Random based though, unfortunately.

The game grows on me lately.
Meh I hate stuff that you can get way too lucky on. Like as you mentioned ipsen, first turn sleep on a very important stack is SO huge, so if my enemy necro is nowhere near as skilled as me I might still lose just because of his luck.
But that is true for any battle, if the luck is not in your favour then there isn't much you can do.
Not really, whether a luck or morale happens or not does depend on luck, but it doesn't make as huge a difference as making an entire stack sleep imo.
Hydra rune at the start of a battle with dreadbanes / invokers. And I'm general luck hits, I've seen battles where someone has just been completely decimated because enemy kept getting luck hits and killing them
Not saying its as big as lethargise (which I previously pointed as being one of the best abilities) but luck (general not stat) is a factor.

As I was previously told "a dwarf without luck is useless*
Hmm yeah you are right, but let's say you have 3 or 4 luck, a luck sooner or later is expected, well I mean true maybe in some cases luck is bigger than lethargize.
Wohoo weekend! :D
Some whippersnapper hunters allowed the creatures to flee and band together into a considerable pack Phoenixes, Cyclops.
Inhabitants of nearby villages ask the Watchers to defend them from assaults.

Phoenixes, okay... I have some mental trauma with them XD
I remember I lost to only 10-15 of them about a month ago, LOL.
They kill me even in HoMM V... XD
Way way more broken than Sepulchure Golems of Death :P

I'll hunt them and Raise them as Undead Fallen Phoenixes.
I hate phoenix too dw.
Yayy, 2 losses in a row XD
Nerf Phoenix plz
Just got paired with a Lv 21 TDE in a CG Battle, against 3 Lv 15...

Just Wtf, he won on his own... ://
I stood there watching the action and throwing Wasp Swarm at potential "Threats".

It impressed me that the opponents didnt AFK when they saw him Summon A HUNDRED EIGHTY Spiders, Wth.
I told you... TDE are OP :)
Well the power difference between CL 21 and CL 15 is HUGE.
Well the power difference between CL 21 and CL 15 is HUGE.
Right this is like comparing level 5's to level 8's
Well the gap between a CL 15 and CL21 is larger than the gap between CL8 and CL5, but yeah.
Well the gap between a CL 15 and CL21 is larger than the gap between CL8 and CL5, but yeah.
Yeah 6 levels but comparing a level 5 to a level 11 would be a lot more of a difference than a 15 and 21
I don't think so. Since CL21 is the highest you can go, there is essentially no cap on FSL resistance and other guilds like WG/AG. A CL 11 is unlikely to have a high FSL resistance (assuming random match ups) against the enemy.
Im wondering what do Admins have in mind for the last months of the year (Apart from Halloween and New Year I mean).
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