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Flooders Tenthouse


AuthorFlooders Tenthouse
Just for flooding :D
Not making official thread..
Just an alternate thread :P
Good Luck :D
I dont know if its right or not..
But lets go !..
nooo. Close this pls. No flood threads :(
It's not fair arctic :/ , pank dfeated you and you were urged to keep the thread open , I am ready if you wanna fight again.

I'll duel you with lvl 13 of everything , army and talents.

I challenge you mod!
I am readythough if you wanna fight again.

Btw It's up to you if you wanna unlock the thread or not. I just wanna duel you. lol
unlock it please. I can't flood make me mad >.<
Yes, I remember! But it was back then, now's a whole different instance ;)
If someone wants to challenge me over that topic, I'm ready to give you a chance, but someone my size please.
And if you ask me, I like this topic's name much better ;) I'd leave that other one to rest.
I'm ready to give you a chance, but someone my size please.
Nah, my activity in forums decried quite a while ago. It would'nt seem fair to myself if I abruptly rise and crave for something I denounced my of ever since its objective got savaged.
I could'nt challenge you for something that is rational to me.
It was back then, now's a whole different instance ;)
Why was it locked? :/
K bye.
Then we have to restart counting post number!!

Everything has to end one day :P
someone my size please.

Me? :P
artic is huge... we need at least someone of jedi's level to fight (angle)
Keep flooding flooders
Bored for restart countdown.
will always miss previous one.
Lets flood at a faster rate ?
tenthouse?better name it clubhouse ..
Yeah.. clubhouse sounds better :P
Well I put the first suitable name that came in my mind :O
flood flood!!
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