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Flooders Tenthouse


AuthorFlooders Tenthouse
Flooders feel free to congratulate me here: https://www.lordswm.com/forum_messages.php?tid=2388065
All hail the flooders! ^^
Hmm... gratz?
She is probably referring to what TheKnightsss said about A&D being mafia xD

I see, I'm lazy read his post = =
I see, I'm lazy read his post = =
Omg same here xD
i read it all... and i feel sorry for the guy... he seems to be in need of some expensive medication and/or therapy
either that, or he is realy funny (and bored)
lol nytyn xD
The character is out of room for any more items!

Want sent shield back to the one ring, buy his inventory full.
= =||
But** :P
3rd moony today :)
3rd? ~.~
Has anyone tried eating oreo after dipping it in orange juice?
no,thats disgusting
no,thats disgusting
Yeah, that's what I heard :P
Too lazy to try it xD

Down to -82k!
Let's do this! :D
-70k and counting! :D
18 tg points! 446 to go before TG 5!
93k exp, less than 100k to go for lev 11!
And HG 6!! Woot :D
Let's do this! :D
Combat level: 11 (3,000,013) +1,999,987

Woott!! Back to positive and level up! Hurray!! :D
Congrats !!
Congrats :)
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