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AuthorFlooders Tenthouse
indeed, very kind of you, to learn me such a snobbish new word!
teach i am mean
not learn, learning is bad
earning is badder
time to go to bed
Goood Morning.
Good Morning.
for ElfMoon:
It has been raining like all week here in toronto =.=
it has been raining all week in Toronto where I am too.
You live in toronto too? cool :)
rained today again =.=
how long will it takes fr me to reach lvl 13, i wonder
maybe 3 yrs :P
what'd i miss?
No, I don't live in Toronto. I am Scottish and a last week while I was in Scotland it rained all week in Toronto too.
oh i see :)

for Lord spiral-doom:
2-3 weeks is more than enough if u r active :)
2-3 weeks is more than enough if u r active :)

i am not active :P
im bored :/
anyone here who watches detective conan?
330k. I wonder when will I reach 400k :$
there is no space between include and <stdio.h> :)

Spaces doesn't even matter, brother.
try a 100 spaces and u will end up with same output as with no space.
Haze haze and haze :'(
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