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Flooders Tenthouse


AuthorFlooders Tenthouse
Not his surname, Fangorn means Treebeard in Sindarin, I wanted to write of Fangorn woods but didn't. :)
Still the woods took the name from him.
I have seen more than 10K of moonstones on a character I can't remember their name now, who they quit after the price drop on them.
He is still somewhere out there.

Sounds sadge
Page 666
I cant stand the new necromancer unit designs. Why did they ruin it so?
Same with the art for the wiz units. Not a huge fan of the art style.
There must be some reason, perhaps for issues of compatability with the app or something like for size. They are unlikely to decide to spend money in getting an assist to redraw for a poorly aesthetic purpose. Especially when as you say, they have made them worse!
You can give image prompts to ai. More likely they are just using their free credits every month
I really love new animations for creatures like swordsman/beastslayers performing ability stun, gives it a nice touch. But yes, new creature pictures like garg's is just shit, titans are going hard tho
Just found out that you get q point of damage from lava field, even if you do no damage as a result of missing them due to runes.


Imagine losing a battle from that one point of damage that should not exist. Unlikely, but very frustrating if it happened!
I'm here for Page 666 ^^
today is the page of horrors

maybe kchong will show up to ruin this thread too and hoard all the horrors like he hoards gold
No dont say his name. :O
Is kchong called Damian in real life?
This is toxic.


Taken from the battle that was the subject of the recent GGF post. The harassment being dished out for the sake of orange god is next level.
Obviously, I won't report him since it doesn't directly concern me. But this guy clearly has a lot of prejudice towards a certain country or perhaps even several countries. Not great to see at all. I do recognize he has certain good points as a player and as a member of this community, but I personally think the bad severely outweighs the good. Let me know what you guys think of this behavior.
I acknowledge that I am biased because I love the country that he frequently likes insulting, albeit very subtly and cowardly.
What I don't understand is why these guys rage against team mates, if you think you're better then guide them.. no excuse especially if both .com
for virtual_vitrea:

I had him pegged for this behaviour since day one that is why i was so hard on him on the forums before my BOW.

for merlin36:

you are making too much sense there mate take it down 3 notches and 4 dimensions maybe you will get through to him.
Who is writing these descriptions?

The omnipresent palm of fear, a nightmarish extension of its dominant hand, forged from ghostly steel that exists both in dreams and reality. No one can hide from its devastating swings - there is no salvation. Those devastating swings weaken the body, depriving it of all strength. They undermine the mind, depriving it of common sense. They crush the spirit, depriving it of inspiring hope. Fear will make everyone kneel.
Is this from event? If that's the case it's AI
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