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Flooders Tenthouse


AuthorFlooders Tenthouse
Well anyone alive ??
I am, but was afk..I was watching alive show.

(What did I say about puns? ^_^..Where are you Usbeorn?)
whatever, I just want to flood :P
961 enrolls :)
I had an account with 371 enrolls - LG 3 - CL 2 :P
I abandoned it..

Would have almost 60k total gold.. lost in roulette -_-
I abandoned it..
You abandoned it, or a ban doned it?
this new thread is so inactive! where r u guys??:D
Busy busy and busy :/
for narutoayan:
Need to gratz her success end this game addicted.

Too bad it's hard to me to bow my main character :/
You abandoned it, or a ban doned it?

I abandoned it.. means can still reuse at right time :P
means can still reuse at right time :P
the only benefit u would get is to have a higher lg.
if i were u i would make a new account, just the thought of having 60k clearly would make me mad :D
abandoned--->a ban doned
yay for anagrams xD
btw search "anagram" on google, its an easter egg :D
Did you really read it ? -_-
I said level 2 !
int main()
printf("Hello flooders of LWM!");
return 0;
look at the battle ^

the worst charmer elf ever...we could have easily won that
for MarineBiologist:
Will you get a TGI as soon as you get level 6 ?
67k I would have in that level 2 account now..
if would not have wasted on roulette.
for -Optimus Prime-:
Stop roulette!
back for a while

marine you should #include <stdio.h>
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