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Alternate Faction

AuthorAlternate Faction
I am a Demon and i am thinking of changing my faction at level 9 , as i dont have that much gold i wont be able to upgrade tier 2 creatures anytime soon(eg . Archers , Forest keepers , Zombies etc). So can anyone suggest me a faction where tier 2 creatures arent very important. and Btw i have a semi developed Elf and barbarian to level 6 already . Thanks in advance.
I think you picked the right one. Necro tier 2 upgrade isn't that important in my opinion.

I don't think you have the money to buy may constructions. You might as well stick to demon and save up money for a while before switching.
I dunno man, dark elf tier 2 upgrade isnt that important...

Seriously ?? , Shrews look pretty important to me.

and btw Dusk i was thinking of necro but then i thought maybe i could try the non magical faction , there i wont have to spend on Magic schools construction.
I dunno man, dark elf tier 2 upgrade isnt that important


Don't know that.Wish u have given this info bit early then many could save a fortune ;D
i think he joke about DE tier 2 upg. hmm red haired babes are too hot
Dark elf tier 2 is one of the most important ones.
hmm red haired babes are too hot
I would suggest go for Necro, i.e. only if you can afford at least first tier upgrade! Unholy Necro should be fine at PvP as long as you have skel upgrade. With absolutely no upgrades I don't think any faction would be playable for PvP.
If you want to do only PvE, i.e. hunts, mg, etc. I believe elf should be fine, or even demon since you have a good FSL for it.
However, looking at your combat log it seems you are mostly into PvP so I dont know :/
Here are two options:
1) If you can afford tier 1 upgrade take battlewise wizard(might, so that you don't have to buy magic guilds) or UN(you don't really need to buy magic guilds, raise dead should be good enough but fsl might be a problem)
2) If you CANNOT afford even tier 1 upgrade, just stick to hunts and other PvE to save up gold(as demon). Once you reach lev 10, demon's 3rd tier upgrade won't be THAT important(for DD)so you can use that gold for tier 2 upgrade(fiends).
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