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It says in the description :
Any creature [...] in that tile [...] will take normal physical damage

So casting Bless / Chastise on the Royal Griffins before the ability will be beneficial, right ?
Of course it will. It's like a normal attack.

Don't know how much you played silver knight mate, so don't get mad for noting something as common as this : If you use battledive, you can't buff the griffs while they are on air.
you can't buff the griffs while they are on air

ROFL, you joking?
You can even see griff when dive, he may mean buff before dive
I know that u know it , just kidding.
Read again my post and you'll know if I'm joking or not.
way way back in .com days, antos used to wait 1st, then bless and rapid his royal griffins b4 dive ;)
That's what I do as well, with a preference for stoneskin since they get focused hard after too.

Anyways, thanks for the quick a precise answers.
closed by Derelict (2015-08-20 21:17:06)
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