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Arts for ST

AuthorArts for ST
which one is better:
1) Dragon's eye*2 + expert offence, battle fury and advanced luck
2) ring of inspiration*2 + advanced offence, battle fury,retribution and advanced luck
remember, i want the arts for ST
plz suggest, and tell the amount of difference in attack too :)
For me no doubt, 2 x ring of inspiration. Not only you do more damage , the more important thing is you have much more morale.
When is the next st?
When is the next st?
It's already started :P
Oh right yeah xD which is better for st necro or unholy? And what would be the best artifacts for my level
In my opinion dragon's eye is much better. For ST initiative is often more important than extra morale (and when you also get +6 attack there's no question about what to choose).
and when you also get +6 attack there's no question about what to choose).
but then with retribution, wouldnt that be better? 15% extra dam(incl. +1 basic morale we have)
Those extra attacks doesnt matter for ST , no doubt ring of insp with retribution is better..

For PvP obv dragons eye , but ST is full different case.
I don't think you should be taking luck with you in ST.Luck can be really bad during STs.
1)I think dragons eyes are better.
2)Talents:expert offence+battle fury+retribution+basic leadership+spirits abound

I don't have much knowledge about tribals.But all other ST players usually use this set of talents.Goodluck :)
for Black Fog:

As far as I can see you do more damage with low tier units (orcs, ogres, goblins) if you choose dragon's eye, but there may be some cases where high tier (behemoth) benefits more from retribution than extra 6 attack.

I agree with Ishan that luck don't go well with ST. Sometimes you get the next wave earlier than you wanted to, just because of an accidental luck trigger.
Each of your ring of inspiration is worth 5% extra damage as in Retribution, two rings, 10%.
Together, you will be able to act 10 times in 9 regular turns due to +2 morale., this increases your initiative by 11%.(notice that unlike luck, morale is never wasted).
Two rings = 10% total damage, 11% initiative

Compare with two dragon eyes:
each of your dragon's eye gives +3 attack (together +6) and +6% morale.
At your level, the attack parameter of your enforcers, warlords and shamans are usually 30-50 higher than enemy creatures' defense. this makes their damage to be 250-350%, let's assume it 300% base damage.
+6 attack increases 30% base damage, which on parameter scale, equals 10% of total damage.
Two rings = 10% total damage, 6% initiative

That's clear how to choose.
Trust me, my 26 gold medals in ST endorse my words.
for Majblomma:
It depends on faction.
As Elf, luck is almost everything, unless there are some really brutal reinforcements worth of trading luck for holy magic.
An example calculation:

74 enforcers hit (with damage 6) a stack with defense 10 (two rings of inspiration):


74 enforcers hit (with damage 6) a stack with defense 10 (two rings of dragon eye):


for SwiftGirl:
Even if +2 morale increases your total movement more than +6 initiative, I'd still prefer +6 initiative since you don't know where morale triggers and some of the triggers might as well be useless.
Talking from a barbarian point of view let's suppose we have 200 hobs with 3-3 damage and a enemy in ST where the difference between attack and defense (A-D) wearing 2x dragons eye is 40

So base damage will be:
200 x 3 x ( 1 + (0,05x40)) = 1800 damage

Now without dragons but with inspiration rings will be -6 attack:
200 x 3 x ( 1 + (0,05x34)) = 1620

Usually if you wear 2 x signet also have basic or advanced morale (sometimes even medal of bravery)
So your base damage is boosted between 15 and 25%
So with 3 morale 1620 x 1.15 =1863
With 4 1620 x 1.20 =1920
With 5 1620 x 1.25 =2025

So if you have 3 or more morale inspiration rings + retribution gives more base damage + extra morale bonus that many times let you hit and run or double hit.
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