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Hey everyone

Can someone remind me what armaments are and where to get them if possible? I left the game for a while and I kind of forgot it unfortunately.

And thx in advance.
I know you get them from watchers guild but dont know what they are for
In short, armaments are a lot like mini artifacts. Every creature can be equipped up to 3 armaments. Each of these armaments give a +1 or +2 bonus in attack, defense or initiative. Their durability is counted in days e.g 30 days by the time you collected it. You can repair them for 500 gold each. There are various ways to collect them and I'm not sure about them all :). Events give them as prize and every Ranger's guild mission completed with 3 stars yield on armament, as stated above. As far as I'm concerned they are the aftermath of a past event that happened after the merge.
Bloody hell, very good explanation, ty buddy.
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