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Arts For QT

AuthorArts For QT
Can someone suggest me the Best Full Enchanted artifacts that I can use for the Quick Tournament 1vs1 ?

1. not usual shop arts because I can take in anything
2. to a max budget for 12k
3. just 3 arts (Right Hand, left Hand, Back)

It can also be the artifacts from event

Please also link me to the player who can rent me them, if possible

Sincere Regards
Sorry for double post

Is it 4 battles or 5 ? for 1vs1 QT ?
Is it 4 battles or 5 ? for 1vs1 QT ?

Noldor has quite a lot of enchanted rare sets...maybe you could ask him
for Stephen Clark:

cuz you are lvl 9, 3 arts are unuseles :(

better is rare set:

1)Thief set
2)Barbarian warrior set
3)Mercenary set
4)Elven scout set
5)Templar set

they dont cost much and they are good :D

I think that for 5 battles cost around 18k
rare arts are not really good choices if you are not gonna get all of them(for the set bonus)

i would recommend thief dagger, bow of light and sword of cold

for SOC(5*120), grandemajestic-900/combat
bow(5*12), noldor-700/combat
for dagger, noldor-(5*10)-900/combat

total-11500 for 5 combats
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