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Survival turnamentes- tribal lvl 5

AuthorSurvival turnamentes- tribal lvl 5

where is my reward? I hear 3 people say that rewards are out today at 8:00 game timne :D
they will be distributed, dont worry..
it may takes some time though

be patient
you will get gold soon :D

if not today, then maybe tomorow :D or next day :D

be patient
I don't think you will get any gold since only top 3 will get a gold prizes
for warrior100:
She'll definitely get incentive prize (gold) for being the top 10% but the top 3 will get the achievements and better gold rewards of course.
I think that reward for top 10% is around 10k for lvl 5
This topic is long since last update and considered obsolete for further discussions.
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