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Halloween Event

AuthorHalloween Event
Can someone please link me to few battles fought by pumpkin during Halloween event ?

Or explain the procedure how it works ?

Thank you
first you will start as weak pumpkin, then you try pvp any level of player (preferably low level player) because you are soloing his whole army

When you get stronger, you may keep on defeat your target and get token, and then use the token to buy various ability to make your pumpkin become monster..like large shield, strike and return

Or the token can be used to increase youe att/def of your pumpkin
Here are two random fights from october 30th last year. You can type a random number around warid=6448xxxxx with high chance it is a squashman battle:


picture from last year pumpkin event
Here's one from 2013: https://www.lordswm.com/war.php?lt=-1&warid=571353134

On the day of halloween, you will find a "squashman" on the map. You then have to capture it by battling it and winning (it's very easy, the pumpkin is very weak in the beginning). Then you get to train the pumpkin by attacking other lords. As you can see from my battle, the pumpkin will gain experience, and you will gain 0 exp and 0.02*[combat level of opponent] fsp. From the exp that your pumpkin gains, you can increase his parameters and give him special abilities. Therefore, as your pumpkin gets stronger, he can take on higher level opponents.

However, who knows, maybe we will get a different event this halloween!
actually i preferred the old halloween event like this :


first you are in a dream that you are Tier 1 unit (depends on your faction) , in my case im a knight so i dreamed myself a farmer..And get ganged by horde of monster..

While i was thinking that im gonna lose the battle, after my Farmer laid down, reinforcement arrived that consist of my whole army, bigger amount but without art stat

I liked this event compared to pumpkin
Is there certainty in the fact that this Halloween's event gonna be like the last one?

Just wondering
actually i preferred the old halloween eventyes i like it too, pumpkin head is now boring
thank you all ! QATC
Is there certainty in the fact that this Halloween's event gonna be like the last one?

No, only admins know what we will get this year.
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