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Market Rates For TGI


AuthorMarket Rates For TGI
Hi! Does anyone have a few links to recent TGI lots sold in the market. It would also be helpful if someone can post a few auctions as well as direct sales so that I could compare them. Thanks! :)
around 450k-500k..always that price..

by the way work on your gold saving ..probaly when the time is come, price would drop
by the way work on your gold saving ..probaly when the time is come, price would drophe gets new in 136 tg ambushes to be sold i assume so not saving for it.. and what comes to recent solds maybe go look yourself from those all players stats there you can search people with tg 0 limit search to certain lvl so you find em lot quicker who have just started doing it and might have bought it recently tbh its so much work that cant be bothered myself with it..
ops never noticed his TG..but nevertheless the price is always at 450k ish..if ur rush in gold, try 400k
I just found a player(should find more) who buys tgi's for 460k-470k-ish, should I contact ppl like him who directly trade?
if ur rush in gold, try 400k

if somebody sells it that cheap i want it!!!!
i'll sell everything and take a loan to buy it!!!
PS: Just went through a few transfer logs, apparently ppl who posted it for 470k(10k below market price) sold it in minutes.
400k is way too low imo, and besides I bought it for 540k :P
400k? It's not even near the market price. Do this only if you aim to financial assist someone and probably get fined by it.

My last one I bought for 536572, a 56k loss.
The game kind need more players, so the demand for TGI will increase.
Losing players is not only bad for the game survival, but also dictate the market area too. Players who already earned his own TGI will naturally sell... In a scenario where there isn't a good delivery of new flesh, but gradually the older players will get TGIs too sell, it will break the offer and demand, because there's too many offers, and too little people looking for it.

If the server keeps losing players, mainly those who never bought a TGI, the prices may decrease even further on the next months.
I hate to tell that I said that people are going to start leaving, if they feel this game doesn't become fair enough to them, but I did on the MG implement, which happened not long after the survilong which also another terrible update.

Anyways, in short... This game needs new players to survive and keep it stable.
This game needs players who don't use every opportunity to rant about the game. ;)

About TGI prices: http://lordswm.org/mw/?przedmiot=thief_invitation&cat=miscellaneous

I believe (I don't have hard numbers) more and more players buy their TGI with diamonds, therefore the price drops. A bad thing to players, who need much time for TG5, a good thing to the game.

Previously 11k+ players online at any time.
Then 10k players only in events.
Now 7k players in events.

Yeah, that's just rant. It's so nice when someone reply something like "it's like that, because I said it's, I don't have argument, nor an historical occurance to be the base of my stand, it's like that because I said so, it's a rant, dot."

Nope, the game does has a problem, and if it doesn't do anything to change it, it will keeps fading away. Do you want this game to be cease the existence? I definitely do not, but it doesn't make it less what is going to happen.
I know that you're smart enough to figure out, what is going to happen if the server keeps drying out more and more, that will means empty rooms, less players to communicate and interact, less player activity, less donation as consequence, and still it's a business which has be paid in order to keep working.

Tell me something, how about Survilogs battle being optional and not mandatory?
I know that a good amount of players really don't have to HAVE to do those defenses, they would prefer to do when they feel like instead, besides if it was optional, those who likes, would perfectly abled to keep doing without any change for them. The MGs was another beutiful example, why not simply increas the MG levels so everyone would win, but instead they cut some points from monsters... Yeah, now they did implement more waves and increased the level, but that was because many people complained, otherwise they won't.

In my opnion this game needs 3 basic things to be the base of the pyramid.
1 - Divulgation, I don't know why they focus so much on russian people, when they do not explore things like twitter, facebook, youtube, and later ads for browser games and an ultimate trying to negotiate with ubisoft itself, for a kind of pathership (if needed of course/possible, like I said ultimate route).

2 - Ask what players do not like and improve it.
I hear a lot of people who got frustrated with very nice ideas from ideas and suggestions that are simply ignored.

3 - Do not release updates that will make people unhappy about it.

A realistic person can be 1.000 times more helpful, by helping to predict and avoid some extremely obvious outcomes. But what are you doing Mr. rainbow perfection?
Why so hostile? Did I step on your toes? Maybe the "rant" was bit too much.

But what are you doing Mr. rainbow perfection?

For sure not discuss with you in this tone.

I was about to write more.. But.. well, stage is yours. Keep on rocking.
Because "rant" is not anything close to an counter argument, and this really annoys me.
Anyways, no hard feeling for me, after all, we all share the same goal here, the prosperity of the game. Have a nice day.
Well, read your first posting again. It starts with TGI prices, goes over your "loss" of gold (you're quite a camper, no offense intended, how can you expect prices to be stable until you reach TG5 in, let's say.. years?) and ends with "terrible survilurg update". I think calling it a "rant" isn't too far fetched. Even if you gave it some foundation in your next posting.

It sounded like some other guys, who "poison" every topic about rescent events or updates with their problems about it (and other problems which have nothing to do with topic).

It's like walking every day into a store, telling every costumer how terrible the products are and then complain that the store shuts down. And this is something that *annoys me* sometimes when I read in this forum.

There are many really good things about this game, but normally no one is talking about it. You talk about lack of advertisement, but what advertisement is this forum to newcomers?

So forgive me my little dig at you, but I think you did your part to it.

Have a nice day, too.
The reason that I mentioned 56k loss wasn't specifically to complain about how much I'll be losing, cause my balance of trading can pay it off.
The reason was to demostrate and explain some reasons why the prices of TGIs are dropping. After all, this is "Queries and Help" section, and I believe the answers could use some explanation not only to answer a question, but also to tell why things are happening this way. At least, that was what I had in mind.
Just to add a few cents completely off the topic.
There's a huge difference between people who complain for complaining sake, and the people who complaing asking for improvements. I read people complaining, but I also read people asking improvements mostly often together.
400k probably still legal rush price...Do you even know what is financial assistance? LoL

if you sold it somewhere around 250k..50% off of market price..this is financial assistance

otherwise..400k would be still legal..for current price actually..you cannot value according to past price..for now 540k is probably too much for a TGI
I am planning on selling it for about 470k, if not, lowest 460k. Any opinions?
Pick the currently price, drop 1 gold, keep repeating, till you sell.
470k probably the best average..do note that you cannot hope for sell for 540k for old price..there is no such thing profit and loss :P
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