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Scripts not working?

AuthorScripts not working?

half of my scripts aren't working anymore since a few days. Most important one is the timer script, but also the progress bars, ToP's progress overview charts, overviews of battles on the character page, ... Some scripts like the ones on the warlog page and inventory still work.

Does anyone else experience the same problems? I don't notice anything new in the interface, might be related to the upcoming halloween event? I use the latest version of Firefox.

Thanks in advance for the feedback :)
I'm using chrome, and my scripts (ie Timer) are working perfectly fine.

In what way aren't they working?
As in, completely stopped, or just not calculating the time properly?
They completely stopped, the bar and all other modifications the scripts did to my "screen" are gone. Also the battlesound script stopped working a while ago (the one that plays a sound when you are ambushed or when a battle starts).
Maybe uninstall (remove) and install (add) them again?

I'm on chrome, and my knowledge on firefox is rather small. Sorry I can't help you more.
If i remember correctly it has something to do with the updating of firefox, and some monkey plugin crashing when update is available or recently updated.
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