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When does the event start?


AuthorWhen does the event start?
We are almost arriving at halloween ;D
Does anyone know exactly what time it starts? Is it midnight tomorrow, or 8 am server time?
Usually it starts at midnight.
I suppose at 00:00 server Time ! which is 16h 30m from now :) not sure though

If what I said was true then it starts at 2:30 am at my country (India)
Does it has unlimited no. Of attempts?
As far as I remember, we were allowed to attack every 5 mins ! so technically yes

Was min ap required ? or we can attack with any weapon ?
As far as I remember we can also fought without any ammunation
our AP didn't matter, since it's the squashmen that we use, not out hero

we can't even control the squashmen's actions
the best thing about this event is that, you can play with 0AP and you still get exp :D
Ahh... Old times where the Min AP rule didnt exist...
you can play with 0AP and you still get exp :D
Do we even get EXP or FSP? I always though it's 0 EXP and 0 FSP..
We get 0 exp and free fsp, although very low.

still the best
Do we even get EXP or FSP? I always though it's 0 EXP and 0 FSP..

yes, we get oath, but is 0 :D

still the best

What is this battle called?
dreadful nightmare...halloween event from 2010
Yeah I remember playing that one :D
Guess I only played '10 and '12 but not sure...
Btw can anyone please clarify if the lord get ANY stats or is it all for the squashman?

PS: I really hope they try something new this time, though squashman is fine too ;)
Im very much happy with squashman or generally any event that involves "Not spending much gold" (after what happened in last event)

Ant btw, last time was it just the squahman or we got more like 4x4 battles ? arts ? treats ?

@16 ur lord's stat doesnt affect your pumpkin
Sorry for not clarifying, by stats I meant does the lord get any exp or fsp?
Apparently we do get some fsp:
Yet WAY too little :/
Can anyone tell me how much a lev 12 gets on average?
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