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experience gain in event

Authorexperience gain in event
What is the criteria for getting exp. with pumpkin.
the AP plays a significant part, someone with same level have a huge difference when using min AP or full AP

if the players have DU, it'll also gives more exp

and i guess some factions gives more than other, i think elf/dark elf normally gives a bit more than other factions, and knight/barb doesnt give that much exp, though im not sure if this is true
if the players have DU, it'll also gives more exp
DU seems no effect.. i attacked one lvl 7 DD with fiends but in combat there was no fiends. He just came up with imps and wolfhounds.
i havent yet still got 1 single pumpkin hunt even tough i keep rejecting hunts every 14min
Raising necro is good; the more it raises, the more exp.
Demons give the best exp, their gating ability gives more creatures to kill :)
Gates don't give exp as far as I know.
Nope no exp on gates.
@skarbone its by default the first hunt.... mayeb you must have done it already?
This topic is long since last update and considered obsolete for further discussions.
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