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Artifact Worth

AuthorArtifact Worth
Im planning to sell my artifacts ! can someone please tell me the price its worth of ? thank you

1. Sword of might [I8E9A8W8F8] [33/36]
2. Sword of might [I8E9A8W8F8] [33/37]

Ignore target`s defense 8%
Extra damage with earth magic 9%
Extra damage with air magic 8%
Extra damage with water magic 8%
Extra damage with fire magic 8%

Had to bump it +
Bumping again -.-
Bumping in Q&H is not allowed we have the inquiry rooms for that in chat section. Contact various MC and see how much they are willing to pay
a bit more than 10k
Why would you bump something that is on top of the Queries and Help Forum?

Lol it makes no sense at all.
QATC ! Ps it was not on top when I bumped it
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