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I can't type letters in enrolling code, I can only type numbers. Also keyboard does not pop up sometimes. What's the problem?
On mobile?
Is your flash player up to date?
Which web browser are you using?
I use Dolphin and have problems from time to time as the ones you described, but if you go to text or something (where you can type letters) then back to browser it should work (does for me).

With keyboard not popping up, I have the same issue with my phone, not always web, sometimes texting and whatsapp, so I think it's an android issue.
I have never faced such an issue in dolphin..

for Unbearable Guy:

Maybe try flashfox or puffin..
In dolphin there will be an option to open flash content on demand. Turn on that. When it was turned off all flash content will load automatically and at that time keyboard will take time to pop up. I experienced it before. If you turn on the at option then the enrolling input box will load only if you tap the play icon. Then keyboard will pop up quicker than before.
I also face sometimes the same problem in dolphin, but closing and opening it again solves it.
This happened with me when I tried typing in horizontal orientation. Try typing in vertical it should work. Worked for me.
Try flashfox
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