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Character password and email changed by Lexa

AuthorCharacter password and email changed by Lexa
In such a case, whom to contact about it?
In such a case, the guy who asked for email change and password change should be able to login.
It was one of my own characters. I had never asked for it.
possible hacking, example suddenly that char is login from a different region/country which is not matching its impervious login. it may noted by there auto lookup. then lexa may change password to prevent unauthorized access
Yes, but the email has also been changed. So I cannot even recover my password. I wrote a mail to the Secretary and the reply I got was:

The new password you need to send mail to your character are tied.

I have no idea what this means.
It means Lexa believes that the othre email iD owner is the authentic owner of that account
But I do still have the email id which I had initially used to create the character in the first place. And I don't remember changing the email id.
Sorry for the repeat message, but I checked my email and I had received 2 emails regarding password change (atleast one of which I do remember) but I haven't received any emails which talk about an email change. They do send you an email to your previous id when the email has been changed, right? Also, the emails I have received about the password change do not have the changed passwords mentioned in them.
kindly look carefully
Also i would like to mention, If you have had previous accounts and you have stoppd playing them you are bound to show that in your info.

Secondly, If you have another account which is blocked contact secretary, with the apporpriate complaint that Your previous account = xyz( random name) has been hacked and password and email id was changed . your previous email id being [email protected] and you did not recieve an appropriate mail regarding your new email and pasword
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