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what's going on with this necromancer?

Authorwhat's going on with this necromancer?
Just had a thief battle with this necromancer (I was AFK at the beginning of the battle). He is only lvl 5 in necromancer. How come he can bring out 359 skeletons? Even with Vitality, skeleton HP increases from 4 to 6, 214*1.5 should be 321. Do I miss something here?

He has a Potion of Skill for Necromancer faction.

Upon drinking this magical potion, the following effect occurs: for active faction, the skill level of the imbiber will be equal to the highest skill level minus one among current combat participants of same or lower combat level. Active faction is the faction chosen when this potion is imbibed; the effect lasts for 7 days.

You have FSP 10, meaning he'll get to enjoy as though he was playing with FSP 9.
He has a Potion of Skill for Necromancer faction.
for bp99: Sry for hijacking ur thread but i have a question related to this topic

So my question is tht will he get those extra attack,defence and initiative mentioned in FSP table? (coz he is fsp 9 after using potion of skill)
for Expert_BOT:
Yes :)
for randomr1:
Ok thanks :)
Just checked on the potion.
Gee... 12,000 gold for 7 days. That's TOO EXPENSIVE to me.
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