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Random Ini buff for units at the beggining of battles

AuthorRandom Ini buff for units at the beggining of battles
Its been YEARS since I last read about this so wanted to remember, would help me understand more this Shooters' turn placements at the beggining ^_______^.

IIRC every stack in the battleground gets a small Ini buff before their first turn, which explains why X archers play BEFORE Y even having LOWER Ini, which often causes ppl rage/cry btw hahah.

1. Can it be negative, or all troops can get ONLY positive random Ini at the beggining of first turn?
If yes, It'd mean that a 11 Ini archer can play after a 9.9 one (First gets 10.5 (-0.5) and second 10.7 (+0.8) for instance).
If not, 11 Ini guy would play before anyway.
2. Is it +10% to unit's Ini or +1 Ini? (Its not the same).
3. Does this affect Heroes aswell?
4. Or maybe it doesnt work like this and instead they are pushed back/forward in the ATB bar like Fervor and Barb Hero Stuns?

Thx in advance and sorry if I didnt explain myself properly, I find the random dice roll thing hard to explain.
1. The pre-combat positioning of units on the bar happens with a random deviation of 0% to 10%. So it can't be negative.
2. It is up to +10%
3. Yes
2. It is up to +10%
That means a Shrew can reach 18 Ini more or less in first turn? (Without takin into account Hero FSL, Ini etc).
Have you tried reading the sticky topics here in Q&H? I promise there are lots of interesting stuff.
Right, thanks for the help people!

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