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Teammate insults me HARD in Russian and leaves/AFKs intentionally

AuthorTeammate insults me HARD in Russian and leaves/AFKs intentionally

Please, get him banned HARD, seriously, no 1 Gold Fine as advice.

He kept whining all the battle about me not speaking Russian, when I even used Translator so we cud play as a team.
I even had more AP than him, I had 40 and he was almost naked, but he AFKed anyway and pretended that I was the fault of his team losing.

His words were:
'Learn to speak Russian'
'This guy who doesnt speak Russian ruins my game'
'**** You'
'Prostidude' (Obviously not this word, but you get my meaning)

He mentioned mentioned something about USA, this people have some issue around USA vs URSS...
And its not the first time it happens, its just now that I decided to report all these things.
Its really lame to see such things happen, it DESTROYS the game experience.

You can check the Battlelog. IDK if the internal Battlelog of the team appears, but inside it I translate what he says so that I can understand what he says so that we could play as a team.
Anyway, the insults are in the Public Chat so nvm.
He mentioned mentioned

Typo, 'He even mentioned' I mean.

This is the guy Im talking about btw, forgot to post link:
closed by Edwin (2015-12-05 18:12:25)
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