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Lost by Timeout?

AuthorLost by Timeout?
So I was in a Tavern Tourny, and I lost by timeout? I found out that it is caused some timer that is not viewable to the players? I am frustrated because I had the dragon eyes to get the higher tower over my opponent without him being able to match it, and be able to get highest tower/destroy opponents tower in 3 turns.

So I am curious where this Time clock is so I can be more careful, I am absolutely furious as that was a clear win on my side, and lost to a technicality.
It stops exactly after 10 minutes of the start of the game ;)
I won a tourney final on timeout as well:
In tavern tournaments, there is a 10 minute timer for all card games so that the tournament doesn't take too long. After 10 minutes, the player with the highest tower wins. If both players have the same tower, the player with the higher wall wins.
the player with the higher wall wins.
and if the players have the same wall, then?
for Night Crawler:
If I'm not mistaken, it's according to resources. But honestly how many would have same wall and same tower?
Given it's a 50 tower game, the chance of same tower would be 1/50... if we take a range of about 20 wall, it will be 1/1000... and besides if we say 1/20 tourney games end in timeout, its only 1/20000 approximately. So rare but possible ;)
So in such cases it's resources, though I think I heard somewhere that it's the mana that counts.
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