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Sleep and Blind

AuthorSleep and Blind
Can magic wake up Sleeping Stacks (As a consequence of Dreadgods' attack) or remove Blindness from a Blinded stack (As a consequence of upgraded Unicorns' attack)?

Like a DE waking up a Stack by casting Earthen Spikes on it or something like that.
I ask since I saw a Tribal guy hit a troop with a Ritual and wake up his Asleep Stacks, but IDK if it works with magicks.

Just need to know Yes or Not, would be useful to know for PvP.

And thx in advance.
yes, that does work.
magic damage does not remove blind
physical damage does remove blind

That is why the ritual does work... and the earthen spikes do not work
Earthen spikes used to be a common trick to remove unicorn's blind. But that changed long ago, it doesn't work anymore.
I see, this is what I was looking for!

Thx for the info, helpful .Com Community! Deep explanations.
closed by Ipsen (2015-12-08 22:55:02)
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