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Formula for resistance to elemental damage from weapons

AuthorFormula for resistance to elemental damage from weapons
Thanks to the donation event with the sword of cold, I was able to test on how bonus elemental damage from weapon works on creatures that resist elemental damage.

The test results suggest that there might be a bug:
Magic resistance works only at 10% efficiency against weapons with elemental damage bonus (possibly the same with cold blade talent and enchanted weapons).

I was lucky to randomly find one hunter with his sword of cold, he happened to favor bless so I can see the FIXED actual damage for calculation using his Wardens.

1. Against Hell horses, doing full 7% bonus water damage

2. Against Enchanged Gargoles, doing a surprising 6.3% bonus water damage

3. Against Abyss Demons, doing an interesting 6.65% bonus water damage.

Is it possible that in the code admin somehow decreased the magic resistance by 10 fold? That is for Enchanged Gargoyles, the resistance is 100%/10=10%, which results in 7%*(1-10%)=6.3%, and for Abyss demon, the resistance is 50%/10=5%, which results in 7%*(1-5%)=6.65%?

Sorry if this is intended, and please let me know where to find the information.
Good observation :-). The elemental damage from sword of cold works like an enchant and it's true, magic resistance works only at 10% efficiency against weapon enchants. This was introduced many years ago in grand update 1 or 2 to increase the use of enchants (armor enchants work at 100% efficiency). That's easy to miss because that fact is nowhere stated except in the old official announcement.
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