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this MG task too hard?

Authorthis MG task too hard?
Look at the battle:

This is a MG battle "Vanguards of Necromancers, Dwarves {2}" to save warlords. With archliches casting Decay and priests casting fire walls, one only has 2 rounds to take out all the enemies.

I think it is doable if I use my elf faction (faction level 10), but seems to be impossible if I try to take it with other factions. This is only a level-2 MG task. Isn't it supposed to be pretty easy?
yeah you need a fast faction, some quests are like that. However the quest in total is not hard, so I guess it's just normal to exist a faction that is weak against a specific quest.
I've had the same quest but level 1 and fail it many times due to the decay spell.

I'm sure if you look at the MG records it might tell you a way to win?
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Ring of abdication may help you
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