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emergency for exp,pts

Authoremergency for exp,pts
im about to reach lvl 11 (just 14k exp.pts left).

i remember that a set of arts will be given on new year(warrior/mage)

and 'IF' im not able to reach lvl11 before new year and i become lvl 11 after getting offered lvl 10 arts:
1)will i get a new set
2) do i have to somehow manage with the lvl10 set?

please reply ASAP
Mage / might arts will be given for server anniversary. Not new year.
but then what event will be there?

killing some animal type? :(
No idea what you're talking about my friend, but IIRC we can Hunt a new Monster on New Year, and then it dissapears the day after.
Like 2013 Tiger n that kinda stuff. IDK whether they still do it tho.

I also remember they used to put a tree in the middle of the Battleground on Xmas, but they didnt this time.
Correction regarding 4#.

We'll be able to give presents, and yeah, hunts that's all i remember.
oh its boring..

animal = Monster

give presents??

we'll be getting presents right?
I still have these in my Inventory Lmao:

lucky lol

if u ever feel like u have overeaten, feel free to share it with me!

ill take it with gratitude ;)
for siddi1111:
Have a look at last year's announcement:

This new year should be similar to that of previous years.

for Ipsen:
Are you sure the tree is for x-mas? Look at point 6 of the link above.
oh i hope its not gonna be so boring lol (no offense)
10# Oops, I was wrong there then. Ty.
looks like i aint going to be needing it anymore lol

lvl11 already xD
closed by siddi1111 (2015-12-29 14:34:51)
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