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what is the basic requirement of making a new military clan?
Topic moved from "Clans" to "Queries and help".
You need 2.500.00 gold +4.500 for every member
In addition no member should belong to another Military clan
ok thank you..
from where and how i can register a military clan?
You register a normal clan and then you militarise it
Rofl at first I was wondering why you even consider it. And now I see this number 2.500.00, which lacks one zero at the end :D

Anyway, yes the cost is too much, but if you are still going for it, you can register a clan through Empire Capital and then militarize it through the clan's page.
ok thank you so much!!!!
That's not all. If you want to have a good MC, you need all the building like Commanding post, which makes it a probably a few millions more.
Its better to join one than to create one. Way too many MCs out there, I am sure you will find the clan that suits your needs. :)
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