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change of faction

Authorchange of faction
please just see my faction once, i want to change to knight what all loses will i have to take ? thanks in advance
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At your level it's easy to change faction. But you have to pay buildings. Check your castle for costs.
I don't exactly understand what you're asking but there are no losses when you change faction
if you want to change to knight faction you can,you just have to build the castle constructions for it
someone told me that i would miss out on 1 attack, like 1 attack less than what should be for a knight of level 4
Kinghts starting attribute is defense, so one point will be realocated.

Read faction skill table section: https://www.lordswm.com/help.php?section=10
Read this article as well: https://www.lordswm.com/help.php?section=38

Basically you'll lose some advanges from your faction racial level, and some attribute points, however you'll get 3% resistence against any kind of damage against the factions that you've already build some levels on it. EG: Tribal fsl 3 = 9% less damage against any tribal faction.
thank u so much, that was helpful :)
You may face some "losses" when you play PvP since here a high faction level is a big advantage. In hunts you won't see any difference at your level.
Don't worry, it's a drop in the sea, later on 100 fsp more or less won't make a difference. See, I have about 9k fsp, if you want to change faction, you can freely do it now, better than being stuck with a faction you don't like for years.

As knight you'll get slightly less troops but you will quickly catch up and you'll get an edge against other tribals thanks to your tribal fsp.
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