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Author[HWM Daily] New Year present
im so happy after reading that post
im literally crying

thanks lessena!

Happy new year everyone!
1)Thief guild Invitation
because ive been trying to collect gold and save for it for 7 years now and im literally tired of begging for it :')

i'll literally be thankful to santa for the gift :)

2)[my biggest wish]!
I would love to be a clan administrator
because that was one of my dreams in the game and still is =)
ive almost memorized the entire rules of clan chat :)

3) i would love '5' abu bakir charms
which would last me a long time so that i can have more time to spend in the game =)
Since lesena mentioned 'doable' gifts
I imagined something like an amulet of luck for good luck

It seems that siddi thought differently

In the same spirit i wish for the new bucatti to be delivered at my place in Athens.
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I wish the attempts for events be lowered from 12 to 6 or 7 :P
I wish I could get a weapon or other art with my name on it like it is in the case of branding an art
I know com wish... WE WISH LESENAS ''spicy'' pictures xD
im literally crying
Didn't take you for such a dramatic person :P

I wish that I stay motivated to work towards my career goals in 2016 :)
A whole set of hunter (yes hunter) arts :) Why? Because I'm a cheapskate xD

for siddi1111:
All your wishes are unrealistic and a joke.. It should be something which l_e_s_e_n_a herself can perform and not magically give you the position of administrator or conjuring 5 ABC's up..

when i read that Empire will fulfill most unusual wishes
so i asked for it :((

im still a child anyway.

but another point says wishes cant be changed :(

but still i believe in santa and empire :)
I never was a full item set rich person, and im literally killing myself for a thief invitation for months :D Im really close now thank god.
But i never knew the excitement of using a rare item in this game, they seem too far for me to reach, id really love to see peoples response if i could join a duel with a rare weapon
As I've played the game since 2008. The older character is abandoned years ago and I don't recall his name or password.

My humble wish is to add the volcano achievement to my character as I was part of the old server in the time the game called heroes of war and money.

Yours sincerely,
I wish 1 mil gold :P :D
I wish i could get some gold as a New year gift...This will help me in getting TGI at lvl 6 itself...haha :p
i wish i get free diamonds :P
can santa do away with profits to the game ?
Increase the inventory space by 5.
reason: when so many new arts are introduced, why shall we have same space.
i wish for a christmas candy as i never got one :)
I wish for a amulet of fortune
Hope this year brings luck to me :)
I wish for a Special Sword 'Valyrian Sword' made from Valyrian steel with following stats
25 AP atleast
+5 Attack
+5 Defense
+5 Spell Power
+5 Knowledge
+5 Initiative
100 Durability
+ 10% Damage to neutral creatures
+ 10% melee Damage
+ 10% Fire Damage
It must be a special shop art for wearing in Hunts and MG battles

I very much need this sword, and this game also needs this as 'Winter Is Here' and we need to prepare hard because 'White Walkers' will be coming from the north anytime soon.

PS. This wish has nothing to do with Game of Thrones.
I think it would be great to see an interview with admins about the fututre of the game on HWM Daily. :) Maybe this is an impossible whish, I don't know, but I guess many people would like that. :)
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