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More insults!

AuthorMore insults!
Target this guy: https://www.lordswm.com/pl_info.php?id=2280035

So, I go and help him vs an army of Bandits, and all he does is suicide (Hit targets with Retal even when there were Stacks WITHOUT it), or WAKE UP asleep Stacks of Bandits victims of my Dreadgods (I hate when they do this).

And guess what, he says "What a Moron, you're gone" to me in Russian (I used Translator coz I was suspicious about this).
... When all I did is do mah best and smile to him all the time.

Would appreciate if you punished him, ppl like this destroy the game experience.

Thx in advance! Ipsen.
closed by Edwin (2016-01-10 23:24:36)
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