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annoying "info" tab

Authorannoying "info" tab
How to disable this function? Sometimes i can't control my troop because oft this thing
I don't get what you mean.
Are you on able mobile, when the info button is in the bottom left corner?
yeah there is one tab "info" on bottom left corner..but i am using pc to play
What browser are you using, and could you link a screenshot please?
This interface appears when you play from mobile phose or change your browser user agent to mobile instead of desktop(default).

Try below 2 things and see if that issue resolves or not
1. Go to Personal Settings > Information > Untick ' Battle version for mobile devices' option.
2. Use the default users agent of desktop browser.
google chrome is my main browser...never used other

@Murali ..hey thanks thats solved my problem
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