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Anybody running scripts on Chrome? What userscript manager you use? Tampermonkey?
yup, tampermonkey
how to you add scripts in it?

When I drag and drop, it displays an error. In particular I am trying to install Progress Bar script.
drag and drop the scripts to the page which displays which scripts you have active.
I get the error "Apps, extensions, and user scripts cannot be added from this website."
Another fix would be for the makers of the script to upload it onto a website called "Greasyfork" or the chrome app store.

For MB - you're sure you're dragging them to a page that looks like this? http://prntscr.com/9lxb4u
What are scripts?
No, thank you. I was treating TamperMonkey like GreaseMonkey and dropping on lordswm.com/home.php

What are scripts?

Scripts are what makes our life easy, dear! :P

Read the instructions on that link above.
Is it possible to install scripts on Opera?
Yes, if you Google it, you should get results that give you step by step guides.
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