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Character with '*' in their name

AuthorCharacter with '*' in their name
There seems to be a bug in the game, if players put a '*' in the
name of their character.

This causes, that players cannot be found by "Find player" and you cannot click on their names in group battles, tournaments and battle previews. Probably they want to hide themselves somehow (prevent other players from checking their stats, logs etc.)
Players with '*' in names are actually bots :P
AI controls them. You probably saw them in QTs or Tavern.
Ok, didn't know that. Is that documented somewhere?
Is that documented somewhere?

I don't think so, but it's true, if you see a name starting and ending with a '*' that means it's a bot. You may see that in quick tournaments, card tournaments and generally all PvE combats where the enemy is led by a hero. You can also see that those names in combat log aren't clickable.
closed by Magier (2016-07-03 14:59:25)
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