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Beginning from today till 1st August 2016 (inclusive), I am renting my sense of humor at just 5000 gold/day.

[1]Price non-negotiable*.

Special discount available if you're 30 years old, have a job, have 2 kids and have a happy life and also if you never had an account in this game. For you its completely free. (I love happy customers) :)

*T&C: If you ask nicely, I may reduce 1000 gold.**
**Refer to [1] and gfy. :)
Is there a friends-and-family discount?
Have you got any references I can call to make sure this is legit?
Is this a joke? xD
i cant afford that... ;(
Humour is priceless... not.
thats some cheap sense of humor that nobody will buy :p
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