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AI troops "see" invisible stacks?

AuthorAI troops "see" invisible stacks?

Unis go for stalkers as if they were visible. Granted that stalkers didn't have a chance to move out of the location where they turned invisible, but in my previous defense, a stack of AI boars went for my invisible mistresses after they moved out of position. So I'm inclined to think this ability isn't working properly.
The AI indeed knows where stalkers were. Since they haven't moved AI just goes where stalkers stay and hit them because of the Invisibility mechanic.
Boars might did this occasionally.
Any news on the invisibility mechanics?

A couple of questions need attention:

1) What are the exact specifications for the "Invisibility" ability? -description still does not show in troop ability dialogue box.

2) I have experienced plenty of examples supporting the assumption that AI can see invisible stacks. Examples include:

- AI moving a stack to a position adjacent to an invisible stack - also after the invisible stack has moved. In itself this does not proof anything as it could be coincidents, however, it sometimes look intentional as it would be considered odd move by AI had the invisible stack not been adjacent.

- AI directly attacks an invisible stack, both with physical and magical attacks.
Is this intentional? and if so is it meant as an intentional perk of being AI (i.e. not possible/allowed by humans) - or is it an error?
Yes, I had this happen to me yesterday and I remembered this Thread Lol.

I was Ambushing a DE Caravan (AI/Controlled by Computer) as Tamer DE.
I hid my Stalkers with their Skill, yet the DE hit me anyway.
I think this is not a bug. The definition of invisibility says.

Once per combat this creature can become invisible to the enemy for 3 rounds. It will be disclosed if it attacks an enemy or stops on a tile adjacent to one. If an invisible creature happens to stand in the way of a moving enemy, the enemy will stop and attack it. Enemies do not retaliate to the attack of an invisible creature. Enemy spells and abilities (unless area-based) cannot harm an invisible creature.

And the part that explains this is.

If an invisible creature happens to stand in the way of a moving enemy, the enemy will stop and attack it.

I have used this in my battles. You just have to move to the next tile of them. So, in this battle if I were controlling those uni I would simply command them to move to tiles 2:5,2:6,3:5,3:6 . So, they will stop at 2:6,2:7,3:6,3:7 and attack those stalkers. Which I think the AI did.
Sorry the tiles I mentioned were wrong, But the point is, just ask your stack to stand on the tile where you know the invisible stalkers or mistresses are. This will make them attack the invisible stack.
So based on my experience, the description is pretty accurate.
Imagine there's a stack of guardians and its about to attack lizards who have happened to come in its range. So if you put your little invisible witch or stalker in the path between the two then guardians will attack them instead of lizard.

Basically, this allows invisible units to potentially intercept attacks and can be quite game changing. Sometimes you may not want to do that however :)
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