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waste of valuable time


Authorwaste of valuable time
how many would agree this game is a great waste of time?
it has all the points in that direction.
It's addictive,offers little to none to non regular players,demands "constant vigilance" and is fun to play if you're rich(which again,needs time)

But you know what i'm saying,don't you?
Go on,be a troll and say no.
Every game these days is designed so as you get addicted to it.
For us it is just a source of entertainment / time-pass but for the creators its their work and earning source. It depends upon you how much you can control.
You can always play a game to relax yourself, but if you get addicted and blame the game its wrong. People like me are not addicted to game and I don't think of it as time consuming I just think of it as a little nap to my brain in my leisure time :)
offers little to none to non regular players,

It offers nothing more to regular players than non regular ones. You advance as you play but it can take one 5 years or one year to reach the same result which is what made me keep playing this one and dropping other games that indeed force you to log in as my account was still evolving while I were offline and needed regular babysitting. Only seasonal events like new year one offers sizeable advantage.
if you want progress swiftly, simply pay them cash by donates a lot, and a level 3 account fsp ratio will be equal to level 7 character ..its insulting but thats how the power of the money
Good things about this game are: You mostly compete with players of your own combat level and can leave it be for years without having serious disadvantages.

Sure, every game one likes can be addictive. One calls it addiction, another calls it motivating.

Yeah, donating gives advantages (diamond upgrades to mention first), but in the end it's not that a game changer as in other games.

+ What BooBunny says.
how many would agree this game is a great waste of time?
Lol, I know where you pointing at.

You might aswell wonder what benefits does watching an Action Film give you, or whats the point in sitting whatever place to watch a landscape.

Even animals have way of entertaining and pass the time, "Entertainment" is not something tied to people ("Humans").

There are many Online Games that force you to pay WAY MORE than LWM does if you wanna be at the same level than other players (Pay2Win).
This is a good game I'd say (Good as pass time, "Easy" to play, good overall Theme (Factions, Monsters...) Etc...
I dont wanna talk about other games (Cough League of Legends, Defense of the Ancients) which try to mentally trap you for years, there is a whole organization and industry around it.

But as I said, there are MANY ways to entertain yourself, and playing Online Games is one of them, and LWM is one of the millions of Online Games.
As long as you dont hurt somebody, you can do whatever you wanna.

IDK, pointless Thread IMHO...
Cheers XD
Go on,be a troll and say no.
I'll be honest tho, you made me laugh a lot with this Thread/Topic.
No hard feelings.
this game really wastes a lot of time, but only during events
the events are really time consuming and skipping them makes ur heart ache after that (juicy rewards)
Hard feelings over internet..doesn't seem like a thing to me :)

Pro Tip: Never go full Philosopher.Nope.
I hate philosophy(i got an F in college,long story).

no, i asked how many would agree this game is a great waste of time?

why dont you just raise your hands among yourselves..count them (make sure to not get both your hands up to avoid overlapping) and report the answer.I need the STATS.

so come on,gimme a number.
i would appreciate 42 as an answer,because Hitchhiker's guide to galaxy.
so lemme ask you how many would agree this game is a great waste of time?

Now now,be attentive.
I hate philosophy(i got an F in college,long story).

Something tells me this wasn't the only F you got..
Sadly,only one of that kind..tho i do get a lot of F's if you know what i mean.
for Stupefy:
Lol... xD
Yes, it is a waste of time.
how many would agree this game is a great waste of time?

Yeah just like anything else that i do for fun.
Lol. If it waste ur time just end playing.
Define "waste of time" please.
Yeah just like anything else that i do for fun.

Why just things for fun? Everything is a waste of time in the grand scheme of things.


You can be as jaded as you want or you can do things you enjoy and live a happy life. :)

Define "waste of time" please.
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