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Anglerfish' devour doesn't work on cyclop generals.

AuthorAnglerfish' devour doesn't work on cyclop generals.
This is the battle -

2 anglerfish attacked my cyclops once and it didn't kill even one yet the ability works properly on behemoths.
Lol, true that, nice catch.
Just checked the battle once again (Second time), and its more or less what I thought:

Cyclop generals dampen 21 damage with Tribal spirit. (63 spirit lost).
Anglerfish deal 79 damage to Cyclop generals.

Then you can see the damaged Cyclop stays with 21 Hp.

I think the Bug has to do with the Tribal system thingy more than the Creature itself, yet its weird that it doesnt happen with Behemots as you mention (Or not really, because Behemotts didnt have Blood at the last moment of battle to Dampen Dmg).

"Tribal Spirit - Devour Bug" Imho, rather than "Cyclop General - Devour Bug".
Just saying... :P
for Ipsen:
According to the description, ".... GUARANTEED to slay at least one creature." Again, guaranteed.
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