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Halloween 2016


AuthorHalloween 2016
Google translate straight from .ru

The prophecy came true Halloween again - now on the lands of the Empire there were strange creatures with cucurbites bodies. Coming into contact with one of them, have a chance to tame it, and then it will be able to perform the most daring orders of his master, attacking other Heroes. In carrying out its dirty work, pumpkin-shaped skills obtained will share with his master, gradually improving their skills. Initially, the pet will only be able to win the weak character, but gradually he will gain the strength to cope with stronger rivals. Thousands of heroes from the 3rd combat level will be able to know the effect of this being the strongest A 12,000 cucurbites remain forever in the achievements of their masters (2,000 gold, 4,000 silver and 6,000 bronze).:

Every hero from the 3rd combat level will be able to meet Tykvika on the map of the Empire. Looking information about other characters, it is possible to attack them Tykvikom if they are in the game and do not participate in the battle, all of their available options are distributed, the weapons are wearing, as well as their army is enough to dial. For each battle being conducted will receive experience points, and for the battles won by skill points will receive his master. Experience points can be spent on improving Tykvika performance, part of the experience you can get in exchange for gold, but not more than 50,000. To attack a creature can not occur more than once within 5 minutes. At the end of October 31, Tykvik disappear as if it had never been.

Moreover, the spirits of Halloween again spread fear in the Imperial lands. This year, they are insidious than ever before, every 20 minutes, breaking not only in our dreams, but also in the actual fighting. Prepare to meet the horror in all its glory. Only today:
- Up to 9 times in a dream to the heroes can come nightmares;
- Artifacts during nightmares do not break;
Any tips how to get more experience?
First attack low level players. As you see that your power grows, attack higher level players/players with more AP.
Can I be attacked by Dreadful nightmares even if I don't have any recruited troops?
Can I be attacked by Dreadful nightmares even if I don't have any recruited troops?

I think you can't be attacked with 0 troops. Also you can create a duel, you can't be attacked while in another challenge.
I will probably spend a large part of day in the Inquiry Room if anyone would like to join me :)
Let's help eachother. Stay all day (and night) in a mine or on the duel page, so you stay online. Put on your best arts. Do the same with all your alts and post them here.

Lord Fosgeen: Red demon level 16: https://www.lordswm.com/pl_info.php?id=4552066
Fosgeen: Elf level 9: https://www.lordswm.com/pl_info.php?id=1851510
A new squashman should be fine with level 1 and 2's from the start, and should beat a level 3 after a couple of wins (depending on arts).

After a bit of basic stats so you can beat level 3's (easier to find these than level 1's)

I would recommend some speed and ini to get into the attack (and also retal more often, since you are always out numbered this becomes significant)

Other thank that I am pretty inexperienced with this, but I think the biggest hurdle is finding players until you get to a point where you can beat a high enough level that you can actually find them.
I suggest to attack this one
how to avoid nightmares? I hate them.
for virtual_vitrea:
Recruit no troops
In your combat log you can see who your squashman has fought, but not in other peoples

These are some low levels I have fought (sorry if they are not online)
The bottom 3 are level 1's, the others are level 3's

If anyone can post the cost of the shooter related abilities that would be helpful.
for Corey:
+ no range penalty 8000
+ return fire 3000
Something I just realised - if you are struggling to find someone then consider farming one player for a bit.

If you win you cannot fight them again, but if you kill almost all of them, but lose, your squashman gets almost full exp, and you can fight them again.

So if you happen to lose one by a close margin, consider not upgrading your squashman and just keep fighting them till you think you can beat someone else you can find.
What is ferocity ability?
hmm.. Wasn't it 9 nightmare meetings? I did 5 and it seems to have stopped.. :/
for Nowar:
This creature deals double damage whenever it retaliates.
if i attack someone wearing arts the durability decreases>
for _uNboRn_:
What do you mean?
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