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Christmas Candy Bonanza


AuthorChristmas Candy Bonanza
Christmas Candy Bonanza rules:

1) This competition shall commence in this topic on the 28th

2)A couple of International Community Council members have been tasked with asking you questions.

3) There will be 2 sessions of 20 questions each.The first session will start at 12:00 while the second will start at 18:00.

4)Each session will include 3 topics of 6/7 questions each
The topics are:
1 - LWM Lore
2 - Faction related Qs
3 - Spell related Qs (Damage calculations included)
4 - Creature related Qs
5- Other Questions
6 - Riddles

5) The first player to correctly answer any question will receive one of my candies. Each candy has special properties when consumed.

6) A new question will not be asked until the old question has been answered. You must prove your knowledge to me, to be able to progress.

7) The ultimate decision making as to whether a question is right or wrong lies with the members of the ICC.

8) There is a limit to the number of candies that can be won by a single player. The limit is 2.

9) The competition will run until all 40 candies have been won or ended if there are any unexpected circumstances.

10) These candies have no effect in Commanders' Guild or Tournament Type battles.

11) Forum Moderators may not post more than one answer per minute. If they abuse their privilege to get candy, they will be disqualified.

So Lords and Ladies, I look forward to your display of knowledge. Good luck.
(Bumping so that people become aware of this.)
(Bumping so that people become aware of this.)
Hey, finally snowman came to us :D
YaY Snowman here <3
(Bumping so that people become aware of this.)
(Bumping so that people become aware of this.)
(Bumping so that people become aware of this.)

Please stop bumping so often this thread,if you could.
10 Minutes left before the first session starts.
The first Topic is LWM Lore which includes 7 questions.
1] What is the name of the leader of the Tamer Dark Elves?
for Awesome 13:
That is correct!
A candy will come your way.
2] Which team won the first Grand Contest?
This topic is long since last update and considered obsolete for further discussions.
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