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trouble with troop recruiting after taking out the Rally talent

Authortrouble with troop recruiting after taking out the Rally talent
I'm having the following problem with my holy knight build.
In the past, I had Rally as one of the talents which allowed me to recruit more troops. Today, I reset my talents and switch off Rally to turn on the Dominion of Wrath option. Then I needed to recruit troops again which I did immediately following this change. However, no matter how I recruit my troops it keeps complaining
"Troops are not organized or not sufficient. Recruit troops at the character page."

Am I hitting a bug here?
That message shouldn't apear if you recruit everything possible. Are all creature dwellings built in your knight castle (including fort and citadel)?
I had every creature dwellings except for the angels. And I had all the remaining creatures shown 0 when I submitted my final recruitment. Didn't work. Always showed the same error message.

Have to get back to the with-Rally setup until someone helps me find the solution. :-(
Even funnier thing just happened.

I could start a hunt battle with my recruited troops but cannot join others' hunt because it says "Troops are not organized or not sufficient. Recruit troops at the character page." And at my own hunting options, I don't have this error message.

Very very weird!
Just tried more things

Can do: MG, host a hunt battle
Can't do: TG, WG, Tournament, join a group battle (including hunt).
There's a certain minimum amount of troops for every cl and faction you need to start most combats. I don't know where the border is exactly for a lvl 16 holy knight, but it seems like those 3 angels really make the difference. With rally you have enough troops, but without it you need the angels. Ppl sometimes do this to build faction resistance without buying all the castle buildings.

It would be great if another holy knight could confirm wether it's possible to fight without angels.
But how does this theory explain that I can do MG and host a hunt battle but not other battles? I have exactly the same troops (without Rally and angels) in all these battles.
In hunts and MG there you may bring less troops than pvp. Its same for all factions. For example I have wizard castle builded up to genies. I cant enter any battle as a classic wiz, but I can do hunts as BW with rally.
Thank you both for explaining this to me. Sounds like I'd better stick with Rally before I can afford the angel building. :-P
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