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Illegal script users - element hunters

AuthorIllegal script users - element hunters
This player is aiming for hunting elements with illegal scripts using:
I would say there are more of them but can't prove more now.
When you only slightly check his transfer log, you can see he mainly trades with elements. Well, there would be nothing bad about that but when you look at his trading closely there are definitely some strange things about it:
1. buying elements almost during all the day
2. aiming for lower prices than is the current usual price. Meaning that if it is common to find let's say moonstone for 4350-4400 on market, this player will buy it below 4300, quite similar with other elements.
3. speed! Well, if you want to buy element way below current market price, there is nothing wrong about that. Maybe you can find 20-30 minutes per day and F5 on pages and when you see some profitable lot is displayed for a sale, you simply buy it. But you must be very fast, usually 10 seconds after such element is displayed for a sale is too late. And so sometimes you buy it, sometimes not. I consider it impossible to cover like 80% of the day by profitable element buying without automating.
When you look at how this players acquires his elements, you can see it takes usually 8-11 seconds to buy certain lot. Sometimes he buys even 3 different elements for good price within few seconds. That is simply impossible to do it regularly without automatic scripts.
Just an example
In this one it is quite obvious. Someone posted 2 meterite shards on market for profitable price (profitable for those who buy). This player bought 1 piece after 8 seconds and 2nd after another 8 seconds. Strange that he didn't buy 2 immediately. Bug in his script?
Another 3 fast purchasing
I have observed that these kinds of script exist.
Once I by mistake posted a moonstone for a much cheaper price on the market and as soon as I clicked "verified lets post" I noticed it.

Whenever somebody posts a lot on market it takes 5 seconds for it to be displayed, but that time the element was sold instantly.

I think it is possible only via javascript being applied on the browser.
I also know java scripting and can use it in most of these scenarios, but since it is against rules of the game, I never tried.

If we are abiding by the rules of the game, then we expect cheaters must be punished.
[Post deleted by moderator MrBattleControl // Please open a seperate complaint.]
[Post deleted by moderator MrBattleControl // Start on topic please.]
This is not a GGF topic.
Please only post if you have something to add to the case.
If you look at his transfer log you can see he has been doing it 24 hours all day and every day since right after creating his account in end of august 2009. And from the look of his labour guild points it's clear to see the use of a script there as well. Basically he keeps on gaining gold without putting in any effort while the rest of us slum it.
Adding to the case: during the 10th Anniversary where we had an «Auto-combat» button for 5 days long from march 1 till 5th, he has played thiefs guild nonstop straight during these five days, ammounting to well over 19 combat pages of it without a single human break, check the timeframes. It's obvious a script was involved in this as well.

Also noteworthy, I have yet to see this account offline, except for auctions his every normal element purchase is 6-9 seconds immediately after someone places the element on the market, sometimes he even buys different elements this way in the exact same time frame.

Either this guy is practicly fully automated and nothing but a bot or we are wasting our time.
closed by Lexa (2017-09-28 18:51:22)
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