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So I've been watchin much more anime than ever and interested what anime ya'll like.

Mayo chiki is one of the last ones I've seen, super funny, to me.
God Eater was a good one. Hopefully a season two comes of it.
I just got into watching Dragon Ball Super, like episode 80 and I am current with all Eng Dub Naruto.

One Piece I stopped a long time ago, not out of disinterest but caught up to all eng dubs at the time. Back then I hated subs but I've gotten use to it.

Can't wait to see season two of Hero Acadamia, One Punch, and Attack on Titan.
Well I got more but I probably should get back to work now.
some of my favorites are death note, from the new world, monster and steins;gate.. that's four different anime :p
Death note <3
yeah death note was fer sure good. whats another one similar to it?
One Piece :3
Code Geass is one I loved
Death note <3
First half of bleach was worth it.
You wouldn't believe but my favorite is Dragon Balls :)
for velniukstis:
yeah death note was fer sure good. whats another one similar to it?
Detective Conan has some similarities, but only certain episodes(I'm assuming it's too long for you).
Other than that, nothing I have seen so far is similar to Death Note. Steins;Gate might come close, but it's still very very different.
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