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False ban from chat .Qestion!

AuthorFalse ban from chat .Qestion!
I got a ban from chat just a few minutes ago but i didn't understand why

The reason says foul language but i didn't write something

I was in my clans chat and i wanted to ask one of our members something and i wrote

"Are u in charge of our depository ???"

And than the game throw {Night_Watch} send me the message that i was banned for 15 min for foul language but i don't understand what is rong in what i type

I might be some bug or something cause i don't know

I would like someone to help me here
If you type something in cyrillic it will catch you. This includes typing it to the player in private chat. The only channel which allows for dual English/Russian language is the VIP channel which incidentally can be accessed by both the Russian and .Com server interfaces.

It's a bit unfortunate that the night bot picks up on it - I have argued to have it changed when I was chat moderator. The whole chat system is not very functional in this game and a overhaul is long overdue!
Thank you .
Your anwser was very helpfull
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