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TreTomny tournament plus!

AuthorTreTomny tournament plus!
True to the tradition of the Empire has always been far from the last place. But sometimes even the most die-hard conservatives are beginning to feel the thirst for something more ... outlandish, full of alien barbarity and treachery. And from time to time, the vagaries of the crowd still need to perform. Perhaps this was the root cause of the return TreTomnogo tournament in the walls of the imperial arena after many years. And maybe, three old friends and rivals just decided to come together again and remember the past. Yes, so remember that the whole empire only talking about it, enjoying the endless abundance of spectacular battles.

Heroes today in the walls of the tournament arena held a welcome return TreTomnogo tournament - competition, unprecedented in the lands of the Empire for many years. All this time the opponents are not lost in vain - and now with new strength and experience thrown another challenge. It may take one brave third combat level and above that dares to fight by the rules of "every man for himself" at six , where each of the three sides are exposed on two characters, but only one wins! At the same characteristics of all participants hidden properties of "dark scene" . As before, the best of the best in the appendage to the glasses guild policy makers will be able to share the prize fund of the tournament and earn unique achievements!

Attention! This new format of the tournament, in which there is no limit on the number of lesions, and the achievement will get every hero! Bronze award can receive any hero who receives at least 80 points, regardless of the number of fights. Rules of awarding:

- 20 fights and no less than 90 points
- 20 fights and no less than 85 points
- 80 points for any number of battles

Moreover, in 30, 50 and 70 points scored will be awarded a special elixir :

30 points
50 points
60 points

Elixirs effect does not apply to fighting in tournaments, guild tacticians, the tournament for survival and text quests. Elixirs need to use up to 1 July 2017.

Success in the tournament!
thanks for the info, pvp event again. admin need to burn all the gold dispensed from the last pve event.

btw RIP translate, so many sentence that I don't understand
Btw this is the announcement link:
Scroll down for the elixrs.

So this is a eofo tourney right? So should elves even try? Sounds like an event that's totally not balanced in terms of factions...
Sorry for ranting but sounds awfully unfair to me unless they nerf tribals and some other factions considerably for this tourney only.
To give a glimpse of how 'balanced' this is, check out last time's results from my cl:
Thats means blindflood tournament?
Did you even bother to check your title? What on earth is a TreTomny tournament? It's a Team Blindfold Tournament Plus. Could have put some effort into correcting the title...

unless they nerf tribals and some other factions

Sad reality is that defense always holds out. Much easier to kill the cheesier attacking factions than the defensive factions. Tribals will just sit there and accumulate tribal spirit because most people would rather focus on the cheesers :D
Yes, I'll just make another thread to make it clear, sorry for that.
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