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Magic Arrow damage bug

AuthorMagic Arrow damage bug
At some point of time in this battle when my spell power became 4 I used enchanted arrow with magic arrow against invaders which only dealt 27 damage
not only with invaders throughout the battle all creatures were dealt very less damage even though they had no magic shield
Invaders dampen 6 damage with Tribal spirit. (17 spirit lost).
divyener deals 4 damage to Invaders.
Invaders dampen 32 damage with Tribal spirit. (91 spirit lost).
divyener deals 24 damage to Invaders with the Magic arrow spell. 1 perish.

That's not a bug, the reason for the low damage is the racial ability of tribals: Tribal spirit.

Tribal spirit points are also expended whenever creatures take damage to dampen that damage.
For Barbarian alternative classes, dampened damage equals [20% + (faction skill level)%]
For Tribals, dampened damage equals [50% + (faction skill level) * 2%].
Tribal spirit points lost equals [1200 * damage dampened / total current HP of stack].
As spirit points are cumulated, creatures pass to next levels of spirit, obtaining new abilities and improving certain parameters

thanks for clearing the confusion
closed by divyener (2017-06-02 13:45:26)
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