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Ring of Sun and Econimy - tips for future events


AuthorRing of Sun and Econimy - tips for future events

From my experience, I've seen that those who sell their given items ASAP and with lower price than the competitors, usually end with a good bargain. I've sold my ring of sun a few hours ago for 200k. The person above me sold the ring for 203K (nobody bought it). Now the price is about 189-190K.

Just my two cents in the matter.
its because the initial lots on the market usually sets the price and then each of the newer lots are posted are set slightly cheaper (in general) in order to assure a sale. So you will see that the prices show an overall decline during the time when more and more people are trying to sell their rings.

It will stabilize at a relatively higher point when there are fewer lots in the future. That is the price point when the ring is not being purchased anymore and probably the point where the seller and buyer would find the price to be just reasonable.
The time when ring of colds were introduced it was ranging from 180-190k too.
Look now, 350k-400k for full dura ring.

So if you want to make most of the profit, I would suggest to wait few months ;) Atleast thats what I would be doing.
* not 350-400k, but 320-350k

But my point was, if you wait for few months you can easily get double gold as of now.
perhaps, but this ring is no as strong as the RoC, so i dont expect to see a increase in price
its probably only worth the price at every 4th level :p
This ring is in no way comparable to the ring of cold.
The price of RoC has been stabilized at 280-290/battle for some time. Compared to the price of ring of torment (roughly 177/battle) and RoC, I can see a reasonable price of 220-230/battle for this ring in the long run.
You are right. It depends on the item. After the prices have been stabilized, it changes over time based on the strength of the item. In my opinion, ROC is much better the ROS.

Thank you for your comments.
I'm guessing the price will go down to about 100k or below in some days and then make a slow rise to ~200k again... people won't be buying these rings as fervently as they bought RoCs (bcs RoC is better usually and a lot of people already have those -> no need for RoS). RoCs were about 150k at cheapest, so these rings will surely sell way below that at cheapest.

Meaning that it's best to sell now, wait a few days and then buy it back. Or buy a few and sell after a few months, although i doubt the profits will be anything like they were with RoCs (up to 200k per ring for now)
I think we should be between 90 to 1 lakh. do guys think about the next artefact be released
Bheem: Actually, yes. I do to think what will be an artifact in terms of in terms of prospective usefulness and value.
Think the prices will be around 200k after the donation period as well.
hmm two many donated arts
looks like russians like these rings, the prices are going up
for IComeInPeace:
I am surprised to know that you think these arts are subpar to cold rings by a great deal. In all honesty, i can't seem to understand how the difference between 2 attack, 1 initiative vs 3 defense feels so major to you (being 16).
I think the difference is more palpable at different levels, at level 15 RoC is significantly better

+5 def +2 attk +1 ini and 5%pierce through resistance with spells


+3 attk, + 2 def +2 ini

obviously the difference is then doubled with 2 rings, so a +4 raw stat at a cost of 2 ini less for RoC over RoS.

As to the economy I think people were anticipating a ring being released this time around and so were holding off investing in buying RoC from the market etc incase they could get hold of something in te summer sale.

If you look at teh price of RoC they took a dip briefly after the release of RoS, and have now rocketed up as supply runs dry, with little prospect of any further opportunitites to buy them.

LEts face it if you want to compete at the top in any event which only allows shop arts you need a pair of these rings as they are just plain better.
for Lord MilesTeg:
I wasn't talking about level 15. I am aware that ROS is weak for that level as it should be when comparing with ROC as the latter gives bonus every 3 levels. In fact i wanted to imply that the difference is significant at levels 15,18,21 only.
for virtual_vitrea:

You made both generalised comparisons between the rings, as well as a specific for one level (I did similar)

However, I think in terms of assessing their economic value and significance one must consider their impact beyond ones current level, as we will not stick on one level forever (well some might....). In my opinion RoC is always better than RoS, sometimes by a small margin, sometimes by a significant margin. The switch to every 4 levels rather than every 3 is to me indicative of a realisation that the made RoC OP which affected balance in events between those that have and those that have not (exentuating the Pay to win aspect, that has been kept mostly relatively minimal (though I recognise this is a subjective interpretation). Therefore long term I do not think we will get a ring artifact as significant as RoC as a shop equivalent art, nor do i expect that they will make RoC available to get from a donation again (nor the RoS either TBH). If many people share this view, then this affects the market values of these rings, get em now or you will always be behind those that have them. There are still 10 days to go for the supply of RoS to increase as more donate, the supply of RoC will only dwindle while their value in battle will be maintained. Consequently I think RoS will dip for a while, while RoC will increase steadily. It may be that the price rise of RoC means people decide that I won't bother to save for them, and so go for RoS, which may mean that the get snapped up more than expected over the next few weeks, so the dip may not be that significant.
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