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[Reminder] Diamond prices go up o 1st of July

Author[Reminder] Diamond prices go up o 1st of July
Current price is 27 roubles for 1 diamond, will become 40 roubles per diamond on 1st

Best to push purchases forward if you were thinking of buying diamonds soon me thinks.
Well really the best time was to buy during the ring of sun offer... now the second best time :P
I think you misread what I said about best. :P
Yeah seems so :P Was sleepy xD
Aahh, sad.
Right when I was thinking of Donating.
for Ipsen:
it looks like they didn't go up yet
Yup prices have gone up.

10 diamonds costs 6.20 euros.
for Meshy:
How much was that before?
€4.19 I paid last time. :)
Did they forget put the new prices in english? I still see the old prices..
I don't see any difference on the donation page.
ok nvm.. just checked. Its a lot more expensive now. Went up from 0.45 to 0.71 USD per diamond.
Remember before the merge when 1 diamond used to cost 1 euro ;D
Yeah. Usual 300k Will give me 39 till 40pcs diamond up to dolar s kurs. Now i just get 27pcs diamond for 300k
Thats why..... Diamond package please!!
guess no more donations from me
USD 0.45 is RM1.93, quite costly for a poor student like me :(
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