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Minor Tournament

AuthorMinor Tournament
New minor tournament has started with no entry fee

Russian link http://www.heroeswm.ru/forum_messages.php?tid=2585520&page=last

Normal drill, max 15 wins, any number of losses

Elixirs at 5,8 and 12 wins
O MY GAHD!! I did not see (No announcement ...).
Thanks man. Somebody move this to General Game Forum, Btw?
Guys pls tell me do enchantments work?
nope enchantments don't work in any normal tourney

To be honest enchantments work in fairly few battle types where pvp is involved
(pretty much just quick tournaments and clan attack/defence Survilurg battles)
Participants level: 14
Challenge type: Duel
Equipment limitations: Standard (32 minimum AP, shop artifacts only)
Battle count: ∞
Victories count: 15 You have 15 of victories out of 17 battles. Victorious battles percentage: 88%.
Experience and skill points: x2.5
Extras: CG points
Participants: New challenges will be accepted 08:00 untill 08:10

Not bad..
You have 0 of victories out of 2 battles. Victorious battles percentage: 0%.


though technically still a chance to get 15 out of 17..... (Somehow I don;t think so)
Just a little tip to fellow LWMers, the backpack item of banners of Griffin/Manticore works in MT.
7# Yes, with the Banner/Stalwart thing I got 12.8K Exp, and 7.2 FSP, I think its good.

Struggling in this MT Btw :S, you get to see people of all Factions and Builds.
From Magic DEs, to tricky Full Def Classic Wizards.
Game effectively won on the first move of the game (unfortunately not by me)

for Lord MilesTeg:
Afaik in 1v1 if you wanna play mage you need a lot of def.
Game effectively won on the first move of the game (unfortunately not by me)


My rule of thumb against pointy ears is that if uni don't luck, they blind.
I know right, I dont like those horsey things which just cause your demise one way or another witht he first move, this time searing horses and fear


A misclick didn;t help, but it wasn;t going to change matters too much
for Lord MilesTeg:

Why a lvl 16 plays tourney with 23 def ,welp
For almost all armies I will shoot first, even with more def BW is still frail. So I felt it was better to increase the liklihood of being able to control the shooting exchange, and therefore force the advance and so allow a counter attack. Which for most armies is best for me. Consequently I took a flame dagger, which meant def was lower than normal, at the expense of extra attack and fire damage, which of course as added onto shooting damage as well.

I felt this gamble would more often pay off than a defensive build as I need to be able to really wipe the shooters out as any return fire will hurt a lot due to low def. Furthermore I am currently underpowered for a tourney as would more often than not be against FL12 people, when I am FL11. In future tourneys as Lvl 16 I will have more defence as I will be able to sacrifice some attack to put it in place, since by then I hope to have FL12, and gained stats from merc guild and labourers as well as possible CG. Those advances would when coupled with the BW racial skill give me +4 attk and defence and +3 or so ini, which should help rather.
I somehow "Admire" RR and Milkshot.
No idea how they can win FIFTEEN (15) times in a row... :/
My respect.
Amazing indeed. :)
And they should be too, they deserve that much for their patience and hardwork building such strong char ;)

Other mentions,
darkelf84, Saira, Lord Zehir from lords also got gold medal, and darkelf and zehir with 15/15.
Congrats to you guys and all others!
If we are going for all gold medal .commers then don;t forget vargtimmen, he got one too.
I got a bronze too :P
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